Expert Advice: Wedding Bands

Every couple looks forward to picking out their Wedding Bands, but the process can be overwhelming if you don’t know where to start! I spoke with Andrew Elawar, Owner of Chrysella, a family owned and operated full service jewelry store.

Located in Woodbridge, Virginia, Chrysella specializes in high quality custom made Engagement Rings, Wedding Rings and other fine jewelry.

Andrew gives us the latest scoop on jewelry trends, advice for couples and tells you what question you need to ask your local jeweler!

What trends are you seeing with wedding bands?

“One of the biggest trends we are seeing with wedding bands is the departure from a perfect match to the client’s engagement ring. For quite some time, our clients would really focus on finding the exact matching wedding band to their existing engagement ring. Instead, we are seeing brides choose fashion forward wedding bands that compliment their engagement ring without having to perfectly match it.”

What is one piece of advice you give couples shopping for bands? 

“My biggest piece of advice would be to experiment. Most brides are pleasantly surprised by trying on a variety of bands with their jeweler and venturing away from the traditional wedding bands we are all used to. Most jewelers are accustomed to immediately showing their client the exact matching band to their engagement ring. Find a jeweler with a large variety who can show multiple options before allowing you to decide on just the right one.”

What questions should couples ask their jeweler? 

“Ask your jeweler if they can engrave a message on the inside of your wedding bands. At Chrysella, we encourage our clients to engrave a special message inside of their significant others’ wedding band. From wedding dates and thoughtful messages to GPS coordinates of where you first met, engraving is a special sentimental touch that lasts a lifetime!”

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